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Mongoose/NodeJS defining static/method for saving a document

I'd like to define my own static/method do save a document of my model.

I've tried this:

userSchema.statics.saveUser = function(data, callback){;

It says is not a function. It doesn't recognize the function.

Then i tried this

userSchema.statics.saveUser = function(data, callback){
data = new userSchema(data);;

userSchema is not a function.


Methods and statics are not the same. The former are found on documents (model instances) while the latter on the model. If the above is intended to be used as a static, creating a user or something, you would:


However I don't really see what good that would do as you're not passing it any data. If you instead create it as a method it would look like this:

userSchema.methods.saveUser = function(callback){;

And you would call it like:

var doc = new userModel();
// Set stuff

Without knowing what you actually want to do it's hard to say which way is preferable in your case.