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AmCharts Map Disable Rollover Color on Mouseover

I've checked the documentation but I cannot find it... how can I disable the rollover color on AmCharts Map on mouseover? Basically disable the change of color of map (for example, a state on US map). I don't want any mouseover interactivity or change of color. Thanks.

var map = AmCharts.makeChart("propertiesMap", {

"type": "map",
"listeners": [{
"event": "mouseover",
"method": removeListener
"dragMap": false,
"theme": "light",
"colorSteps": 5,
"mouseEnabled": false,
"selectable": false,
"zoomOnDoubleClick": false,
"dataLoader": {
"url": "",
format: "json",
"areas": [{
"mouseEnabled": false

"areasSettings": {
"autoZoom": false,
"balloonText": "",
"outlineThickness": 1,
"selectable": false,

"valueLegend": {
"right": 10,
"minValue": "Cold",
"maxValue": "Hot"

"zoomControl": {
"zoomControlEnabled": false,
"panControlEnabled": false,
"homeButtonEnabled": false

Answer Source

To disable the rollover color for all states/areas, set the rollOverColor to null in your areasSettings object:

  "areasSettings": {
    // ...
    "rollOverColor": null


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