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How to append strings to a vector in R?

I am new to R. I am trying to append values from a data frame like this
here is the data frame tu :

t u
1 What LOL
2 Whatever ALL
3 Works OLO
4 What POLO
5 Whatever CHOLO
6 Whatever LOLO
7 Works C
8 Whatever D

I want to print the values of u for which t is "Whatever"

a <- vector()
for(i in 1:8) {
if(tu$t[i] == 'Whatever') {

When the execution is complete I am getting the value of
as an integer type Vector instead of a vector of a set of strings. "ALL CHOLO LOLO D"

The output is
int [1:4] 1 3 6 4
Can anybody explain what is happening?
PS: Ignore the values of u :P

Answer Source

First convert your columns to characters

tu$t <- as.character(tu$t)
tu$u <- as.character(tu$u)

And then rerun the code