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How to automatically set the version and build number of a Watchkit app target

The version and build number (or version and short version) of a Watchkit app and extension have to be set to the same value as the containing app.

I use environment variables to set the apps version in the

dynamically at build time. That also works fine for the Watchkit extension, but not for the Watchkit app.

The environment variables I use have to be provided in the plist for the main app and extension without
(for variable
I set

if I do the same for the Watchkit app, it is taking the string itself, not the value. If I provide it with dollar & brackets there is no data in the variable.

Any idea how to set the variables for the Watchkit app?

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Well, if it doesn´t work like this, do it with a Run Script Build Phase. Do something like this:

echo "writing to $INFOPLIST"
PLISTCMD="Set :CFBundleVersion $(git rev-list --all|wc -l)"
echo -n "$INFOPLIST" | xargs -0 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "$PLISTCMD"

I don´t have the right paths for your WatchKit App, so you will have to change that yourself.

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