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Is x86 assembler via .NET possible?

Is there such a thing as an x86 assembler that I can call through C#? I want to be able to pass x86 instructions as a string and get a byte array back. If one doesn't exist, how can I make my own?

To be clear - I don't want to call assembly code from C# - I just want to be able to assemble code from instructions and get the machine code in a byte array. I'll be injecting this code (which will be generated on the fly) to inject into another process altogether.

Answer Source

As part of some early prototyping I did on a personal project, I wrote quite a bit of code to do something like this. It doesn't take strings -- x86 opcodes are methods on an X86Writer class. Its not documented at all, and has nowhere near complete coverage, but if it would be of interest, I would be willing to open-source it under the New BSD license.

UPDATE: Ok, I've created that project -- Managed.X86

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