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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Redirect to a page with endResponse to true VS CompleteRequest and security thread

Base on this questions and the answers there, I like to ask what is the proper way of redirecting.

The default way using the Redirect(url, endResponse) is throw the

because is called with
that calls the
method and so, if you use it inside a try/catch block, this exception shown there and that can be assumed as error, but actually a user is try to redirect to a page by stopping the rest of the page processing.

The other possible ways is to call the
Redirect(url, endResponse)
following by
By using that you do not get any exceptions.

So the question is what is better to use and why.

Answer Source

You must call the redirect always with endRespose=true or else any hacker can see whats on the page by simple hold the redirect.

To prove that I use the NoRedirect plugin for Firefox to hold the redirect. Then I test the two cases and here is the results:

I have a simple page with that text inside it

<form id="form1" runat="server">
I am making a redirect - you must NOT see this text.

and then on Page load try to make the redirect with both cases:

First case, using the Complete Request();

        // redirect with false that did not throw exception
        Response.Redirect("SecondEndPage.aspx", false);
        // complete the Request
    catch (Exception x)


and there boom, you can see whats inside the page !

And second case

    // this is throw the ThreadAbortException exception
    Response.Redirect("SecondEndPage.aspx", true);
catch (ThreadAbortException)
    // ignore it because we know that come from the redirect
catch (Exception x)


Nothing shown now.

So if you do not like a hacker to see whats on your page, you must call it with endResponse to true and stop what other processing is made -eg return from function and not continue.

If for example you check if the user is authenticated he can see that page or if not he must redirect to login, and even in the login if you try to redirect him with endResponse to false, then holding the redirect the hacker can see - what you believe that can not because you use the Redirect.

My basic point here is to show the security thread that exist if you are not stop to send data back to the browser. The redirect is a header and instruction to the browser, but at the same time you need to stop send any other data, you must stop send any other part of your page.

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