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Jade Question

harpjs not compiling stylus with harp server

harpjs won't compile stylus

stylesheets when using harp server,
harp server

This is the error I get when I try to use
as a stylesheet, linking it with
within my
document (Jade is working perfectly, with no errors, I also tried using html documents instead of jade, but the issue was not resolved unfortunately.)

enter image description here

However, as soon as I add an empty
file in my file structure, the error disappears, although, no styles are applied (it's an empty document, what should I expect though right?)

So, I was wondering if anyone has come across this error, or abnormality before, and if so, how they fixed it, any suggestions are appreciated!

Things I've Tried

  • re-installing stylus (
    npm install -g stylus

  • re-installing harp (
    npm install -g harp

  • re-installing jade (
    npm install -g pug

  • re-installing pug (
    npm install -g pug

  • trying a different device

  • trying a different os; (Linux instead of OS X)

All of which, unfortunately, didn't fix the issue.

Answer Source

I didn't really fix it entirely, however, I did find a workaround.

As I use sublime text, I found a really nice stylus plugin, which allow for compilation on save, a really cool feature. So, basically, I'm just using harp as a jade preprocessor now which is ok, but hey, it sort of works now.

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