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Stripe : Specify Specific Card for Subscription

I have set up subscription based website that allows people to have multiple subscriptions. I decided to go with Stripe for payment and card processing. It took very little time to get it integrated into my Symfony2 project. I was able to create subscriptions, customers, and add cards within a couple of hours. Then I ran into an issue. If a customer has multiple cards, I wanted to be able to allow them to choose which card they wanted to use when they create a new subscription. It sounded easy. After 2 days and about 30 hours of combing through their documentation I have to say that I cannot figure out how to get this to work.

The way I have this set up is that when the customer creates a card I store the "card id" in my database along with the brand. This just makes it easy to load details on the server side when the page is being requested. The customer creating the new subscription sees their cards and choose which one they want to use for the new subscription. This is passed to my php script via AJAX to create the new subscription. However, when I try to use a specific card, I am getting a 400 error indicating that the "card id" is not a token. I know that it is not a token since the token was used to add the card to the customer account but how in the world do I specify the exact card that the customer wants to use?

NOTE: Using an a new token creates another instance of the card.Not an option.



//Set Secret API Key

//Retrieve Customer
$cu = \Stripe\Customer::retrieve($_POST['customer_id']);

//Create Subscription using saved customer "card id"
$createSubscription = $cu->subscriptions->create(array("plan" => $_POST['sub_option'], "source" => $card));


plan: "500-2016"
source: "card_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


type: "invalid_request_error"
message: "No such token: card_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
param: "source"

Answer Source

Since I have not received any input from SO or Stripe, I have somewhat came to the conclusion that this cannot be done. I found a similar question on a different forum that ended with the results being - No Response From Stripe - and that this cannot be done. Though the Stripe documentation does not hit on this subject it does appear that a Subscription can only be charged to the default card. There is no "Card" object for subscriptions as there is for a "Charge".

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