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Sending large data packet to server

Having a design discussion with some co-workers about our app. Looking for the best way to transfer large data files on a, say, weekly basis from a phone to a remote server. Server will
be in the DMZ and phone will either be in WiFi mode or GSM. Some of the files will be 100Mb can even get up to 400Mb. Just not sure of the best way to approach this in my Android code. I was looking at
MTOM or even just pure FTP. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have investiagated about the use of MTOM under Android but I found nothing. I don't know whether there's any implementation working with Android yet.

But this is something you can do by FTP, which would be a good choice I think. And you could check the integrity of the file using a checksum (calculated on both sides and then compared).

Using 3G for huge files is likely to take long and to be expensive, so to me the best is to use WiFi. You can detect whether your device is connected thru WiFi as described here.

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