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AngularJS Question

send data after pause in ng-keyup (Angularjs)

I use ng-keyup to my angular app for searching data to my backend. But the problem is, it will send request to my server every press. How can I make it send post request to my backend after the user pause/stop typing? Or it's wrong to use ng-keyup for this?

my html

<input ng-keyup="search(data)" ng-model="data" type="text"/>


$$scope, $http){
....http post codes here...

Answer Source

You can use ng-change with $timeout as below.

Note: $http and $timeout should be injected in your controller since you used $http as parameter in your search method above.

<input ng-change="search(data)" ng-model="data" type="text"/>


var handle;
$ = function(data){
        handle  = null;
    handle = $timeout(function(){
       // $
    }, 1000);
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