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C# Question

Background task registration hangs in UWP with GattCharacteristicNotificationTrigger

I'm trying to use an in-process background task to get notifications of a Bluetooth LE device. However, the following code hangs at the last line and does not return:

var bldr = new BackgroundTaskBuilder();
bldr.Name = guid.ToString("N");
var trigger = new GattCharacteristicNotificationTrigger(ch);

Getting the notifications of the device works when using the event-based model in the application. Also, registering the task with a
works, so the declaration in the app manifest is ok.

The computer runs the Creators Update, but the UWP is set to require the Anniversary update as a minimum.

Answer Source

We've had the same issue with UWP app on windows 10 mobile. It was resolved after we had updated windows 10 mobile to build 10.0.15230.0.

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