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CSS Question

how to change the page body div color in oblique theme?

I am trying to change the page content div color on a website that I am busy with. There is still a white space showing. Can someone advise as to how I change that sections color as well?

The theme uses SVG for diagonal sections. Not too clued up on that yet.

Unfortunately I do not have enough reputation to post the image yet.

Answer Source

First you need to find <svg> block, wich is inside <div class="svg-container single-post-svg svg-block">...</div> and over there to find a line <path d="m 1925,0 0,150 -1925,0"/> and set an attribute fill:

<path d="m 1925,0 0,150 -1925,0" fill="#1c1c1c"/>

It's a line 159 in HTML-code of resulting page.

The same action you need to do in <div class="svg-container single-post-svg single-svg-bottom svg-block">...</div> - add attribute fill to <path> (at line 184):

<path d="M 0,150 0,0 1925,0" fill="#1c1c1c"/>
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