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Java Question

How to interleave lists

I have something in my mind which have been bothering me for quite a while now and hope I can get some kind souls to help... :D

Anyway, here's what I wanna do:

I do actually have a number of list, say

List<String> a = {"for testA1", "for testA2", "for testA3"};
List<String> b; = {"for testB1", "for testB2", "for testB3"};
List<String> c; = {"for testC1", "for testC2", "for testC3"};

And I have an array list of objects that I want to add these strings into, i.e.

List<ObjectA> thislist = new ArrayList<ObjectA>();

In my ObjectA class I have:

public class ObjectA{

String testA;
String testB;
String testC;

My final output should be:

List<ObjectA> -

  • testA1

  • testB1

  • testC1

  • testA2

  • testB2

  • testC2

  • testA3

  • testB3

  • testC3

How can I go about setting these Strings in my object from the given individual list?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope it's understandable.

I had this in mind but didn't quite understand.

My code was

List<String> aList = ....;
List<String> bList = ....;
List<String> cList = ....;

List<ObjectA> someList = new ArrayList<ObjectA>();

for(String a: aList){
ObjectA obj = new ObjectA();

ListIterator litr = someList.listIterator();
while(litr.hasNext()) {
ObjectA element = (ObjectA);
// I wanna loop List<String> bList and add element.setTestB but it doesn't work.
// This is what I wanna do...

Answer Source
Iterator<String> aIt = a.iterator();
Iterator<String> bIt = b.iterator();
Iterator<String> cIt = c.iterator();

List<ObjectA> thislist = new ArrayList<ObjectA>();

// assumes all the lists have the same size
    Object A o = new ObjectA(,,;
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