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Convert a JSON schema to a python class

Is there a python library for converting a JSON schema to a python class definition, similar to jsonschema2pojo -- https://github.com/joelittlejohn/jsonschema2pojo -- for Java?

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So far the closest thing I've been able to find is warlock, which advertises this workflow:

Build your schema

>>> schema = {
    'name': 'Country',
    'properties': {
        'name': {'type': 'string'},
        'abbreviation': {'type': 'string'},
    'additionalProperties': False,

Create a model

>>> import warlock
>>> Country = warlock.model_factory(schema)

Create an object using your model

>>> sweden = Country(name='Sweden', abbreviation='SE')

However, it's not quite that easy. The objects that Warlock produces lack much in the way of introspectible goodies. And if it supports nested dicts at initialization, I was unable to figure out how to make them work.

To give a little background, the problem that I was working on was how to take Chrome's JSONSchema API and produce a tree of request generators and response handlers. Warlock doesn't seem too far off the mark, the only downside is that meta-classes in Python can't really be turned into 'code'.

Other useful modules to look for:

If you end up finding a good one-stop solution for this please follow up your question - I'd love to find one. I poured through github, pypi, googlecode, sourceforge, etc.. And just couldn't find anything really sexy.

For lack of any pre-made solutions, I'll probably cobble together something with Warlock myself. So if I beat you to it, I'll update my answer. :p

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