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Null pointer exception with values on text change listener android

I have code to simply calculate compound interest. The calculation will change when the user edits the value in an EditText view.

public class CompoundInterest extends AppCompatActivity {

TextView mCompBalance;
TextView mBalance;
EditText mYears;
Integer balance;
Integer years;
Double compbalance;
Double interest;
boolean isNumber;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

interest = 0.025;

mBalance = (TextView) findViewById(;
mCompBalance = (TextView) findViewById(;
mYears = (EditText) findViewById(;

Resources res = getResources();
balance = Integer.valueOf(res.getString(R.string.savings_balance));
mBalance.setText("£"+ balance);

mYears.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher() {
public void beforeTextChanged(CharSequence charSequence, int i, int i1, int i2) {


public void onTextChanged(CharSequence charSequence, int i, int i1, int i2) {
if (mYears.getText().toString().matches("\\d+(?:\\.\\d+)?")){
years = Integer.valueOf(mYears.getText().toString());
isNumber =true;
} else {
isNumber =false;

if (isNumber){
compbalance = balance*Math.pow(1+interest, years);
mCompBalance.setText("£"+String.format("%.2f", compbalance));


public void afterTextChanged(Editable editable) {



When I try to edit the EditText view that sets the number of years for the calculation - I get this error and the app crashes:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int java.lang.Integer.intValue()' on a null object reference
at android.widget.TextView.sendOnTextChanged(
at android.widget.TextView.handleTextChanged(
at android.widget.TextView$ChangeWatcher.onTextChanged(
at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.sendTextChanged(
at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.replace(
at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.delete(
at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.delete(
at android.view.inputmethod.BaseInputConnection.deleteSurroundingText(
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

I'm not sure what's going on.

Answer Source

Use charSequence.toString() instead of mYears.getText().toString() in onTextChanged function. Hope it helps or specify exactly where NullPointerException is occurring?