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How to remove the border of a Tkinter OptionMenu Widget

I have been looking through multiple websites, which only give me a half satisfactory answer, how would I colour each part of of a Tkinter OptionMenu Widget?

Code Snippet:

from tkinter import *

root = Tk()
text = StringVar()

fr = Frame (root,bg="yellow")

menu = OptionMenu (fr, text, "hi", "there")
menu.grid (pady=50, padx=50)

# Pretty colouring goes here
# Or ugly yellow, I don't mind

menu ["menu"] ["bg"] = "yellow"
menu ["bg"] = "yellow"
menu ["activebackground"] = "green"


Or should I just give up and settle for grey?

Answer Source

All that I had to do was set the highlightthickness option to 0


This get's rid of the ugly border around the drop down menu.