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Android Question

How to generale partial/incremental updates used by “adb install-multiple”?

adb has a "partial application install":

adb install-multiple [-lrtsdp]
- push this package file to the device and install it
(-l: forward lock application)
(-r: replace existing application)
(-t: allow test packages)
(-s: install application on sdcard)
(-d: allow version code downgrade)
(-p: partial application install)
More specifically I want to update an apk by an incremental update.

How can I create the partial update file? I assume some utility is required which creates a binary diff between the new and previous version of APK.

Answer Source

The partial application install flag controls PackageInstaller's SessionParams.MODE_INHERIT_EXISTING mode. And the only officially documented use for it at the moment is to support installation of APK splits.

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