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How to use Process() in Swift 3 for Linux?

The following function executes a process in Swift 3 on macOS. But if I run the same code in Ubuntu I get the error that

is an unresolved identifier.

How do I run a process / task in Swift 3 for Ubuntu and get its output?

import Foundation

// runs a Shell command with arguments and returns the output or ""
class func shell(_ command: String, args: [String] = []) -> String {

let task = Process()
task.launchPath = command
task.arguments = args

let pipe = Pipe()
task.standardOutput = pipe

let data = pipe.fileHandleForReading.readDataToEndOfFile()
let output: String? = String(data: data,
encoding: String.Encoding.utf8)

if let output = output {
if !output.isEmpty {
// remove whitespaces and newline from start and end
return output.trimmingCharacters(in: .whitespacesAndNewlines)
return ""

Answer Source

I cannot test it myself currently, but according to the source code, the corresponding class is (still) called Task on Linux, not Process as on Apple platforms.

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