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Port Conflict with XAMPP Apache

I've installed XAMPP (Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, Mercury, Tomcat) Control Panel to my Windows 7 Professional which has IIS (ASP Server Service) turned on. It fails to start the Apache server saying that PID 4 (IIS Service, probably) is blocking my access activate the server. I've looked into netstats that there are IP addresses that are under PID 4 and it turns out that when I open those they browser shows me the welcome page of IIS/ASP server.

What could be the fix to this port conflict / port overriding of XAMPP's Apache Server to the IIS / ASP Server?

It would be a great helped if answered and the answer make it work.

P.S.: I can't provide log data due to it saying that the logs for Apache are not found. It did not start from the moment ever since I've installed it.

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read the below article:


you can use IIS and Xampp together by changing their port. by default both of them are listening 80 port and on the same local IP.

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