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Select drop down not showing (jquery-chosen)

Pretty straightforward i'm using the chosen plugin with jquery steps, and I can't see the dropdown. When I click on it nothing happens. I'm not sure why maybe css conflict?


<div id="wizard">
<h1>First Step</h1>

<select data-placeholder="Your Favorite Football Team" style="width:350px;" class="chosen-select" tabindex="5">
<option value=""></option>
<optgroup label="NFC EAST">
<option>Dallas Cowboys</option>
<option>New York Giants</option>
<option>Philadelphia Eagles</option>
<option>Washington Redskins</option>
<optgroup label="NFC NORTH">
<option>Chicago Bears</option>
<option>Detroit Lions</option>
<option>Green Bay Packers</option>
<option>Minnesota Vikings</option>
<optgroup label="NFC SOUTH">
<option>Atlanta Falcons</option>
<option>Carolina Panthers</option>
<option>New Orleans Saints</option>
<option>Tampa Bay Buccaneers</option>
<optgroup label="NFC WEST">
<option>Arizona Cardinals</option>
<option>St. Louis Rams</option>
<option>San Francisco 49ers</option>
<option>Seattle Seahawks</option>
<optgroup label="AFC EAST">
<option>Buffalo Bills</option>
<option>Miami Dolphins</option>
<option>New England Patriots</option>
<option>New York Jets</option>
<optgroup label="AFC NORTH">
<option>Baltimore Ravens</option>
<option>Cincinnati Bengals</option>
<option>Cleveland Browns</option>
<option>Pittsburgh Steelers</option>
<optgroup label="AFC SOUTH">
<option>Houston Texans</option>
<option>Indianapolis Colts</option>
<option>Jacksonville Jaguars</option>
<option>Tennessee Titans</option>
<optgroup label="AFC WEST">
<option>Denver Broncos</option>
<option>Kansas City Chiefs</option>
<option>Oakland Raiders</option>
<option>San Diego Chargers</option>


<h1>Second Step</h1>
<div>Second Content</div>

Answer Source

check this working fiddle, I had found a solution for you,


execute the steps() first before chosen()

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