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Node.js Question

Could you help me about Websocket and Real Live Data Strem for Grid

I have no any experience about Node.js and Websocket.

I checked and I did example chat . It's working very well .

Now I wonder how can i do like as CHAT sample but I need to do DATA STREAM GRID.

For example; I have FOREX data feed and I want to REAL LIVE UPDATE on my HTML5 web site .

There is any example for that ? chat really so good and looks like powerfully but I don't know how do ot from them DATA TABLE.

I checked some JQuery plugins but they are not working like as CHAT example. Not real live data I can say.

I want also some CSS manipalation on HTML side , when price down or when price up.

Please help me if you know about these things .

Thank you.

Answer Source

I asked but I found solution .

Who need to use Live Data Stream on HTML5 there is good sample code.

Have a nice day !

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