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Javascript Question

Passing parameters into the Backbone events object of a backbone view

I have the following events for a Backbone View. Its a product view - with three tabs ("All", "Top 3", "Top 5")

Can I somehow pass a parameter into the method declaration so that it is equivalent to the following (this doesn't work)?

events : {
"click #top-all": "topProducts(1)"
"click #top-three": "topProducts(2)"
"click #top-ten": "topProducts(3)"
// Do stuff based on obj value

Answer Source

You could put the extra argument in a data attribute on the clickable item instead; something like this:

<a id="top-all" data-pancakes="1">

And then topProducts can figure it out itself:

topProducts: function(ev) {
    var pancakes = $(ev.currentTarget).data('pancakes');
    // And continue on as though we were called as topProducts(pancakes)
    // ...
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