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Python Question

Unexpected Indent error in Python

I have a simple piece of code that I'm not understanding where my error is coming from. The parser is barking at me with an Unexpected Indent on line 5 (the if statement). Does anyone see the problem here? I don't.

def gen_fibs():
a, b = 0, 1
while True:
a, b = b, a + b
if len(str(a)) == 1000:
return a

Answer Source

If you just copy+pasted your code, then you used a tab on the line with the if statement. Python interprets a tab as 8 spaces and not 4. Don't ever use tabs with python1 :)

1 Or at least don't ever use tabs and spaces mixed. It's highly advisable to use 4 spaces for consistency with the rest of the python universe.

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