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How to refresh the view when angular $http promise call wrapped in rxjs Observable

I have a project that uses angular's $http service to load data from a remote location. I want to use rxjs Observables so the call in my service looks like this:

userInfo() : Rx.Observable<IUserInfo> {
var url : string = someUrl + this._accessToken;

return Rx.Observable.fromPromise<IUserInfo>( this.$http.get<IUserInfo>( url ) );

and this is subscribed to by my controller like this:

getUserInfo() : void {
( result ) => { this.handleUserInfo( result ) },
( fault : string ) => this.handleError( fault )

private handleUserInfo( result : IHttpPromiseCallbackArg<IUserInfo> ) : void {
console.log( "User info received at " + new Date() );

this._name = + " " +;
this._email =;

this._profilePicUrl =;

the problem is that despite the name, email and profile pic being updated these changes are not visible. As soon as anything else triggers an angular $apply the changes appear but because of the Observable these changes in the controller happen after the angular digest loop that is triggered by the $http call.
This does work correctly if my service just returns a promise to the controller.

How do I update my view in this case? I do not want to manually have to wire up each observable to trigger a digest cycle. I want all Observables to trigger a digest cycle when they receive a new value or error.

Answer Source

We can use the ScopeScheduler from rx.angular.js for this. We only have to create a new one where we create our angular module and pass the $rootScope to it:

const module : ng.IModule = angular.module( 'moduleName', [] ); ["$rootScope", ( $rootScope ) => {
    new Rx.ScopeScheduler( $rootScope );

That's all you have to do. Now all Rx.Observables trigger an $apply when they get a new value.

For some reason the ScopeScheduler was deleted when the rx.angular.js library was upgraded to rxjs version 4. We have to use rx.angular.js version 0.0.14 to use the ScopeScheduler.

I do not know what the suggested solution to this is in version 4.

A project using this fix can be viewed here:

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