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XPath count not converting to Ruby number

I'm trying to introduce XPath to my Ruby on Rails, Cucumber and Capybara setup for the first time. My code

row_count_on_page = page.find(:xpath, "count(//table[@id='foo']/tbody/tr)")

is resulting in error

undefined method `map' for 10.0:Float
Did you mean? tap (NoMethodError)

The actual XPath part of the code seems to be working correctly because there are exactly ten rows in the body of the table. I don't get how the code can't convert that 10.0 into a Ruby 10 though. What am I doing wrong?


You should do the count outside the method.


As you are currently using, after the second member of find is evaluated you will have something like:

row_count_on_page = page.find(:xpath, "10.0")

which is not a valid xpath.