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Firefox, query selector and the visible pseudo selector

Is there anyway to use a pseudo selector with Firefox's querySelector() or querySelectorAll() functions to detect visibility? In particular I want to be able to do something like this:

elem.querySelector('#list .list-item:visible');
elem.querySelector('#section .sub-section:visible .title');

No need to worry about browser inconsistencies or other implementation, just Firefox. Thanks!

EDIT: Visible is defined by display not being none and visibility not being hidden.

Answer Source

No, there isn't. The CSS specification doesn't define a :visible (or related) selector, and AFAIK Firefox doesn't implement non-standard pseudo selectors.

If you'd like to implement this yourself, note how jQuery implements its :visible selector:

In jQuery 1.3.1 (and older) an element was visible if its CSS "display" was not "none", its CSS "visibility" was not "hidden", and its type (if it was an input) was not "hidden". In jQuery 1.3.2 an element is visible if its browser-reported offsetWidth or offsetHeight is greater than 0.


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