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How to setup GIT bare HTTP-available repository on IIS-machine

server already runs IIS to serve 80 and 443 port over TCP. I want to make centralized "push/pull" GIT repository available to all my team members over the Internet.

So I should use HTTP or HTTPS.

But I cannot use Apache because of IIS already hooking up listening sockets on 80 and 443 ports! Is there any way to publish GIT repository over IIS? Does GIT use WebDAV ultima analysi?

Update. Seems that git HTTP installation is read-only one. That's sad. I've intended to keep stable branch on build server and redeploy using hook on push. Does anyone see workaround beside using SVN for that branch?

Answer Source

Bonobo Git Server

GitAspx - By Jeremy Skinner

Install Instructions

Git Web


Alternatively ... (non-IIS, but highly recommend, free and open-source)

SCM Manager allows you to easily setup revision control endpoints for Git, Hg, and SVN under the same hosting process. HTTP/HTTPS is supported along with built-in user authentication.

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