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How do I create a function which Inserts values in 3 tables separately. Those values are coming from some other procedure

How to create a function that can Insert in table1, table2, Table3.
It has to be called from some other procedure and values will be coming from that procedure.

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The question is not clear. In general you can create a function which accepts as parameters the values you want to insert in the 3 tables and which will have 3 insert statements (one for each table), assuming no dependencies like FKs between the 3 tables.

create FUNCTION my_function (p_value_11 NUMBER ,p_value_12 varchar2 ,p_value_21 NUMBER ,p_value_31 NUMBER)
v_result number := 0;


INSERT into my_table_1(col_11,col_12) values (p_value_11,p_value12);
INSERT into my_table_2(col_21) values (p_value_21);
INSERT into my_table_3(col_31) values (p_value_31);

RETURN v_result;
when others then
v_result  := -1;
   RETURN v_result;

Why does it need to be a function and not a procedure?

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