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Getting started with GUI for student who has only worked with console

So far I have only been taught how to program/script at my school for console programs but wanted to start making some applications with an actual interface other then the command-line, unfortunately I have no idea where to begin. I tried to look it up but all I found were guides on how to "design" them not program them. As such I would like to ask you how exactly should I get started on this, I know this is a rather broad question but just a few links to some study material that can help me get started is enough. The languages I have been taught are Visual Basic and Python but I also know HTML and CSS, I am only slightly familiar with JavaScript.

(Bonus Question: so when looking at the website for I saw that the editor was made in JavaScript, node.js, HTML and CSS. I was wondering how did they use HTML and CSS for a desktop app? Also, is it possible to do that without node.js and JavaScript, say for example with Python?)

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Recommend begin with:

Visual Basic: Windows Forms(have a nice GUI editor, easier than TkInter)

Python: TkInter(Everything simple with pack()).

About HTML/CSS/JS desktop app use Electron

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