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Android Messaging app - Client - Server Communication

I want to write a private messaging app similar to Whats App. Smartphones with Android OS shall be the clients and communicating with one server. Now my question is how could that work out?

I guess the best way would be via a Restful webservice as port forwarding is absolutely no option. So what is the better way? - Client asking every few seconds if there are new messages or is there a way how the server can notify the client when there is a new message, and the client just sends a sign of life every few minutes? How does whats app do that?

Would UDP holepunching or reverse TCP any good in this case?

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You're going to need real time communication. Basic approach would be using WebSockets. I would recommend you to use that already makes use of webSockets and is very scalable. Going for node.js is a great life saver in this matter. There are many java clientsto use in your android app such as:

There are also things like Pusher that uses push messages and is ready for use.

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