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Writing to database when app is closed

I'm using

for chat, and I have an
method that receives the messages, saves them in the database, and sends a notification to the user.

When the app is running (or paused - running in the background), this is how I store the messages in the database:

private DBHelper mDbHelper;
mDbHelper = new DBHelper(MainApplication.getAppContext());
SQLiteDatabase db = mDbHelper.getWritableDatabase();

The method
is a static method in my main activity which returns the context.

This all works. I receive a message, save it successfully, and get a notification (when app is running, or in the background).

Problem is when the app is closed. I can't use
, because there's no context when the app is closed.

Maybe I should pass the context in some other way?


Eventually I saved messages on server if the app was closed, and when user opens it I fetch'em from server, delete them from there, and save them on user's device. (like a
queue pop

Let me know if there's a better method

Answer Source

OK so 1 year later I needed this again and I found the answer:

Turns out there's a static method in SQLiteOpenHelper which opens the database without context: openDatabase().

So replace this:

mDbHelper = new DBHelper(MainApplication.getContext());
db = mDbHelper.getWritableDatabase();

with this:

db = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase("path/to/database.db", null, OPEN_READWRITE);

The static method openDatabase() doesn't need a context so we can call it even when the app is closed.