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ASP.NET (C#) Question

what is the best way for web adressing

I want to ask about web adressing. i am showing users product informations on my web application. i don't want to Show urls like "xxx.aspx?Id=yyy". i want to Show like "" and get values for yyy from database.
for example i don't know what it called to making this. if you tell me what it is called, even that will be very helpful.

my database tables has id, name, info, img...
my wish ( right now website is like (


Answer Source

All you want is URL Rewriting and Routing which you can get it from official documentation for ASP.Net from Microsoft.

In this documentation you can set your website routing schema as you wish (Like what you mentioned in your post).

If you develop an ASP.Net webform application, Just see this documentation.

Hope this help you bro.

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