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C++ Question

Is it possible to assign a shortcut to "Step Into Specific" in Visual Studio 2012 C++?

I recently discovered the "Step into Specific" option while debugging C++ in Visual Studio (using VS2012) which is really helpful especially if there are many constructors, smart pointers, etc.

However, as I'm mostly debugging using the keyboard (F9, F10, F11, Shift-F11) I wonder whether it was possible to add this function to the keyboard repertoire somehow ?

Alternatively, as I mostly use the "step into specific" command on functions like

void doSomethingInterestingWith(sharedPtrToDb->getEltFromDb(EltId(atoi(key))))

I wonder whether it is possible to create a shortcut that just goes directly into the outer function (

Answer Source

There is a Debug.StepIntoSpecific command with the default shortcut Shift+Alt+F11 which shows a context menu with functions that you can select using keyboard.

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