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Android Gradle build-info.xml not found

When i try to start an old App with the InstantRun it says that:

Gradle build-info.xml not found for module app. Please make sure that you are using gradle plugin '2.0.0-alpha4' or higher.

How can i solve this?

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With the recent release of Android Studio 2.0, there is a new Android gradle plugin 2.0.0. You can apply that in your top-level build.gradle buildscript block by changing the version of the plugin to look like this:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''

EDIT: Some projects that were previously managed by Android Studio 1.5 may exhibit strange problems like this. To clear these problems, it may be required to delete the project's .idea directory and re-import it into AS 2.0.