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How to get screen height and width in C

I get this following code.

typedef struct _display {
int fd; /* Network socket. */
Window root; /* Root window id. */
int vnumber; /* X protocol version number. */
int dtype; /* X server display device type. */
int dplanes; /* Number of display bit planes. */
int dcells; /* Number of display color map cells. */
_QEvent *head, *tail; /* Input event queue. */
int qlen; /* Length of input event queue */
int request; /* Id of last request. */
char * lastdraw; /* Last draw request. */
char *buffer; /* Output buffer starting address. */
char *bufptr; /* Output buffer index pointer. */
char *bufmax; /* Output buffer maximum+1 address. */
int squish; /* Squish MouseMoved events? */
Pixmap black, white; /* Constant tile pixmaps */
char *displayname; /* "host:display" string used on this connect*/
int width, height; /* width and height of display */
} Display;

But what I don't get, is where X gets the width and height of the monitor. Would anyone happen to know the answer, or be able to point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Arch

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Getting screen size

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