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Black screen simulator at update to Swift 3.0 and Xcode 8

I have updated from Xcode 7 to Xcode 8. I had a project on Swift 2.2 and it works well but when I have updated to Xcode 8 and Swift 3 I only can see a black screen on the simulator.

I have tried using Clean and Clean Build Folder options but the black screen is still being shown. After that, Build option. Also, there is no errors on the console or in Xcode.

Did someone get the same error at updating to Swift 3.0? Or do you know something that I can check and could be the reason of my black screen? I cannot found any similar behaviour on Internet when updating to the new Swift version.

Answer Source

Thank you to @YashTamakuwala because he gave me the clue that made me get the solution.

I have referenced the Initial View Controller as normal and it was linked correctly because it was also connected on Identity Inspector.

What I have to do is to remove the Initial View Controller mark and the navigation controller that was linked to the first View Controller. Then, I have set the Initial View Controller mark again to the View Controller and go to Editor > Embed In > Navigation Controller.

After do that, the project is again being shown on the simulator, without black screens.

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