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What is the difference between ";" and "GO" in T-SQL?

I use ADO.NET as well as the sqlcmd utility to send SQL scripts to SQL Server 2008. What is the difference between using

to separate chunks of SQL?

Answer Source

GO is not actually a T-SQL command. The GO command was introduced by Microsoft tools as a way to separate batch statements such as the end of a stored procedure. GO is supported by the Microsoft SQL stack tools but is not formally part of other tools.

You cannot put a GO into a string of SQL and send it as part of a ADO.NET command object as SQL itself does not understand the term. Another way to demonstrate this is with the profiler: set up some statements that use GO in Query Analyzer/Management Studio and then run the profiler when you execute. You will see they are issued as separate commands to the server.

The semi-colon is used to signify the end of a statement itself, not necessarily a whole batch.

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