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Milkmangames Easypush ANE, can an OS cancel click be detected

I am calling


At a relevant time in my program to initiate the iOS subscribe to push messages dialogue. If the user clicks OK I get a an event confirming acceptance and giving me the token.

However if the user clicks Cancel in the OS dialogue I do not get anything, if the user presses Cancel I wish to respond to this.

Can Cancel be detected?

I think this is the same issues as calling the register when Cancel has been previously pressed, because again nothing happens.


When a user clicks 'Agree' then the registered event occurs


However, when 'Dont Agree' is clicked nothing happens, an event exists called


However this never occurs and I do not know why, but if this event did occurs it would be what I am looking for.

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Answer Source

Directly from MilkmanGames themselves:

"Apple actually doesn't give us a notification for this case. What you could do is set a timeout (and/or listen for the next Event.ACTIVATE) and use the EasyPush.areNotificationsEnabled() function."

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