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Changing math formulas font size in RPres

How can I change the font size of the the math formulas in Rpres? [Editor's note: 'Rpres' is the file extension used by RStudio for its "Presentation" files. It's apparently been adopted by users as shorthand for that section of the IDE.] A similar problem is faced in Code box size and font size in RPres, but it does not solve the problem with math formulas, that are not part of a chunck of code separated from the text, but are a chunk of LaTeX code.

Please consider, for example, this section of a slide produced with the default setup:

The average height is 175cm, with a standard deviation of 10.
The z-score for a student 163cm is given by the formula:

$$z = (x - \mu)/\sigma$$

where $x$ is the student of our interest, $\mu$ is the distribution mean of
the school and $\sigma$.


enter image description here

Sure enough, the approach suggested in Code box size and font size in RPres does not affect the size of the math formulas.

Answer Source

Math formulas in RPres documents and Rmarkdown documents are LateX chunks of code embedded in the Rmarkdown document.

Hence, the font size of a math formula or, more generally, of LaTeX text, can by modified with an argument ranging from \tiny to \HUGE:

$$\Huge textblog.org$$

will affect the size of the font according to:


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