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Android Google Maps v2 - Add object to marker

How can we add an object to a marker in the new Google Maps Android API v2?
So if we click on the

, we can do something with the object?

public void addSpotOnMap(Spot spot) {
getMap().addMarker(new MarkerOptions()
.position(new LatLng(spot.getParseGeoPoint().getLatitude(), spot.getParseGeoPoint().getLongitude()))


This sets the location, title and snippet for the object. But I want to be able to go to another activity about this specific Spot-object if I click on the

Answer Source

Not really sure if this is the correct answer, but take a look at this blogpost I made about this problem:

Since Marker is final, it's this can easily be solved by linking the data with the Marker in a Map, for example HashMap<Marker, YourDataClass> or HashMap<Marker, String>

Here's a tutorial that explains all: http://bon-app-etit.blogspot.be/2012/12/add-informationobject-to-marker-in.html

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