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Scala Question

How to force a trait to implement another traits

I have three traits, I would like to force one of them call it

to mix in the traits
. I can't do it even though I know how to force
to mix in
. It could be done like this:

trait A {
def getThree() = 3

trait B {
this: A =>
def getFive() = 2 + getThree()

trait C {
this: A => // that's the line which
// this: B => // this line is incorrect as I there is "this: A =>" already
// def getEight() = getThree() + getFive() // I want this line to compile

Thus I could call the function

object App {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

val b = new B with A {}

// It would be cool to make these two lines work as well
// val c = new C with B with A {}
// println(c.getEight())

Answer Source

You can use with

trait C {
 self: A with B =>
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