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New Xcode beta new problems: MKGeodesicPolyline

The brand new Xcode version, in addition to removing a wide nume of place where to add an empty function call, introduced a funny problem with an simple piece of code drawing a geodetic path:

func drawPolyline(from startLocation: CLLocation, endLocation:CLLocation) {
let point1 = startLocation.coordinate
let point2 = endLocation.coordinate
var points: [CLLocationCoordinate2D]
points = [point1, point2]
var coordinates=points[0]
let geodesic = MKGeodesicPolyline(coordinates: &coordinates, count:2)

The compiler complaints about an:

Ambiguous use of 'init(coordinates:count:)'

When I try to click on the given options, I am always led to that line. I tried to clean the project to no avail.

Answer Source

In this case MKGeodesicPolyline would use either UnsafePointer or UnsafeMutablePointer using the type CLLocationCoordinate2D which you defined as points, so you'd likely want:

let geodesic = MKGeodesicPolyline(coordinates: points, count: 2)

Apple Developer : CLLocation

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