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C# Question

Get notifications from computer to phone

The question below is more for ideas, guidance and directions than coding assistance. Sorry if I am in the wrong place.

I have a console application which is checking for a specific file on my computer on a specific path. I want to get a notification when it detects the file on my phone.

What is the best way to get this done, if there is one.

I though about using facebook to simply send me a message but after a little research I found out that FB prevents people from sending private messages to avoid abusive usage of it.

Is there another easy way to do this?

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Most phones have an email address like I have had success doing that in the past as a workaround.

Here is a list of provider addresses:

In my application I stored the user's phone number and provider. When sending a notification, I simply put the two together and send an email message.

Sending real SMS messages will always cost money because you have to pay for usage of telephony infrastructure.

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