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Git Question

Building Eureka Client and Server on ubuntu

I am following this guideline.

I have installed git and cloned eureka. But I cannot build it.

gradlew clean build

No command 'gradlew' found, did you mean: Command 'gradle' from
package 'gradle' (universe) gradlew: command not found

gradlew worked on windows successfully, ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize.

Answer Source

The gradlew is a bash script (batch script in windows) in the eureka repository, you have to use it like they mention in their guide ./gradlew clean build don't forget the dot forward slash before gradlew, that's how you execute a script or a program which is not in the bin directory. If the script doesn't have the right permissions you can do this chmod u+x gradlew.sh or sudo u+x gradlew.sh.

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