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$state.go reload and update URL with dynamic paramaters

In a controller, I'm calling :

$state.go("myState", $scope.urlParams);

can contains one or many params. (dynamic)

config is like this :

url: '/myPage?param1&param2&param3&param4'

Now let's take an example to illustrate my problem :

I'm loading 'myPage' for the first time using :

$state.go("myState", $scope.urlParams);

$scope.urlParams = {'param1' : 111 , 'param2' : 222};

My URL looks like this

Now I'm already on 'myPage' but I'm using this time :

$state.go("myState", $scope.urlParams);

$scope.urlParams = {'param1' : 111};

My problem is there, my url still looks like this

But I want that, my URL looks like this :


Any suggestion ?

Thanks !

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On the second time, you should change your code to:

$state.go("myState", $scope.urlParams, {inherit: false});

$state.go calls $state.transitionTo internally but automatically sets options to { location: true, inherit: true, relative: $state.$current, notify: true }.

And the inherit property when set to true inherit URL parameters from current URL. That is why you are getting the previous parameters in the URL.

See the docs.