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Javascript Question

jQuery delay between each toggleclass

I have made a (rather complicated) solution where I have 4 menu items pop in/out from the side and I make that happen by toggling a class.


It works great but the client now wants it to "slide out". I figured that I can make him happy if I can create a delay between each toggle, but I cant find a good way to do it. In practice I want each menu item to toggleClass but with a delay of maybe 250ms before next toggleClass.

Edited - Apparently the delay function wont work with toggle, only with animations.

Answer Source

Consider this following code:

$('.menuitem').each(function(i) { 
    var elm=$(this);
    setTimeout(function() { 
    }, i * 250); 

See it in action, in this demo i have hiding diving one by one and delay is 1000 ms.

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