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PHP Question

How to include php file in drupal 7

I'm coding a form in Drupal 7, and I want to 'include' a php file that adds my DB connection variables to my code.

I've tested my code in several ways, and I'm sure that the 'include' makes me get a WSOD when I run Cron in my site.

I've Googled about this and I tried:




I also tried the above with '.php' extension.

And my last try:

define('__ROOT__', dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));

Sometimes I get a WSOD when trying to run Cron, and sometimes my page styles get broken when I submit a form.

What is the correct way to include a PHP file manually in Drupal? Note that I don't want to use the 'Drupal way' to do this or to use the webform module. I want to code it manually with PHP.

Answer Source

Try this ways

1) require 'includes/';
2) include_once  'includes/';
3) include ('includes/');

OR Drupal Ways

include_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/';
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