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Ajax get table value based on row

I can get first and last value from my row but can`t get the second and third value of my row. can anyone help me.

this my code

=> Html

<td><button class="btnDelete">Delete</button></td>

=> javascript

$(".btnDelete").click(function (evt) {
var cell=$("tr").children().first();
var cell2=$("tr").children().last();
var custID=cell.text();
var custID2=cell2.text();

thanks .

Answer Source

I think it's easier to get this values without jQuery. By using HTMLTableRowElement.cells DOM property. Which is almost like an array, but not an array.

     // get the current row
     var currentRow = $(this).closest("tr")[0]; 
     var cells = currentRow.cells;

     var firstCell = cells[0].textContent;
     var secondCell = cells[1].textContent;

     //nthCell = cells[n-1].textContent;
     console.log( firstCell );
     console.log( secondCell );

If you still want jQuery, then instead of .first() and .last() methods, you could use .eq() method.

 var rowCells = $(this).closest("tr").children(); 
 var firstCell = rowCells.eq( 0 ).text();
 var secondCell = rowCells.eq( 1 ).text();
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