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Python Question

Decode a base64 string to a decimal strin

I have a string say

which has been encoded to hex. So when run

>>> b6 = 'FhY='
>>> b6.decode('base64')

This is a hex string that once converted should be
22 22
. This result has been proven on the site However, I cannot seem to do a proper conversion from base64 to decimal representation. Some of the challenges I am facing are

  1. Expectation of decimal being an int. I just want base 10

  2. Incorrect values. I have tried the following conversions
    base64 > base16
    (Convert a base64 encoded string to binary),
    base64 > binary > decimal
    (Convert hex string to int in Python) both of which have failed.

Please assist.

Answer Source

You need to convert each byte from the decoded string to its decimal value. So this should solve it:

b6 = 'FhY='
' '.join([ str(ord(c)) for c in b6.decode('base64') ])

Results in 22 22

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