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CSS Question

On iPhone 5 & 6 there appears an empty line on the right, have you seen anything like that?

So I have a site and I use bootstrap. This problem comes up on iphone5 & 6. There is an empty line on the right of the page (it is dark beacuse of the backgroud color). Check out the picture!

I realized that if I set the width to 103% or 105% or something more than 100% it goes okay. I am not sure if bootstrac causes the problem but it can be.

(I use all the meta tags, and everything is set to 100%)

Have you seen anything like this before? Could you please help me what can cause the problem? Or how to fix this?


Answer Source
  1. Their is background-color:#000 added in your css. remove it or use background-color:#ffffff
    enter image description here
  2. Id footflex img is having too much margin causing it overflow on the right, try reducing it.
    enter image description here Its not just on iphone's may be its on more devices too.
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